Sesame Street

14 Jul

I made these adorable Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster for my son’s 1st Birthday party!


Minnie Mouse

27 Jan

I did these Minnie Mouse silhouettes for a 1st birthday party.  There are Minnie Mouse pops with red and pink bows and red and pink sugar covered pops.  They are made out of strawberry cake and strawberry frosting and are perfectly pink for a special little girl’s party. 

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

25 Jan

Brace yourself for some real CUTENESS!!!!!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Bites!  Yes, you heard right!  Here they are…

I made these with strawberry cake but they would be ubber cute with red velvet too! These would be a very special V-Day treat for someone special.  A dozen chocolate covered strawberry cake bites are $20 (your choice of white or milk choclate drizzle, or no drizzle).

Cupcake Bites in Pink and Red are also available…

Mini Football bites

5 Jan

Check out these cute mini football cake bites!  Being such a perfectionist, it took me FOREVER to get these shaped to where I was happy.  But I think they look pretty good.  Hey, my 3 year-old recognized them right away as footballs!  How perfect would these be for a Superbowl party?

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

3 Jan

Okay, each time I create a new pop, it usually becomes my favorite!  Well, I really like this Lion!! 

Barnyard Friends

2 Jan

By far, this little piggie is one of my favorite pops! His ears are so life-like, yet edible!  These pops would be perfect for a farm-themed party or even perhaps a backyard BBQ!!! 

Pirate Pops….aaarghhhh!!!

2 Jan

Well, shiver me timbers…if these aren’t the cutest little pops!  These happy pirates come complete with an eye patch and are perfect for a Pirate-themed party!