Please keep in mind that all orders are custom created! I only create what you ask for. I give all my time and attention to your order to ensure you get a high-quality treat that is not only beautiful but also delicious! This is my promise to you!!

With each order, you get a choice of cake, frosting and candy coating flavor. All pops are individually wrapped and tied. All bites sit inside mini paper liners.

Cake Pops-
$18 a dozen for basic cake pops (your choice of decorations). Each additional dozen is $15. $2 if purchased individually.

$30 a dozen for specialty cake pops (For example: turkeys, monkeys, Hello Kitty, baby shower, Christmas, wedding etc). $3 if purchased individually.  Each additional dozen is $20.

Cake/Cupcake Bites–
$15 a dozen (basic cake bites) $12 each additional dozen
Choose from cake bites and/or cupcake bites

Cheesecake Bites/Pops –
$20 a dozen (your choice of decorations and choice of bites or pops)

Hot Cocoa Stirs –
$1.25 each (your choice of crushed peppermint or mini chocolate chips).

Custom Tags for Cake Pops –
$3 a dozen

Gift Sets –
Any cake Pop order can be made into a gift set for $5. Your cake pops will be arranged beautifully inside a tin/box etc. with colored shredded gift paper. The arrangement can be wrapped in clear cellophane wrapping if requested.

Delivery – $5


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