Cake Pops and Bites come freshly made with your choice of flavor combination.  Don’t see a combination you want?  Create your own!!  Choose from any cake and frosting flavor listed below and create your own combination!! Cake Bites and Basic Cake Pops can be topped with your choice of toppings, as listed below.

Flavor Combinations:

Death by Chocolate (chocolate cake and chocolate frosting)

Birthday Cake (Vanilla cake, vanilla frosting with multi-colored sprinkles)

German Chocolate (Chocolate cake, rich coconut frosting with chopped pecans)

Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry cake and strawberry buttercream)

Creamy Coconut (Vanilla cake, vailla frosting and shredded coconut)

Carott Cake (Fresh carrot cake and cream cheese frosting)

Oreo Truffle (oreo cookies blended with creamy cream cheese)

Chocolate Chip (Vanilla cake with miniature chocolate chips and your choice of frosting)

Luscious Lemon (lemon cake and lemon frosting)

Perfectly Vanilla (vanilla cake and vanilla frosting)

Mint Chocolate Chip (Chocolate cake and chocolate mint frosting)

Pina Colada (Pineapple cake and coconut frosting)

Chocolate Cherry (Rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate chunks and cherry pieces and dark chocolate frosting)

Irish Cream (Choice of vanilla or chcolocate cake flavored with Bailey’s Irish Cream) * Extra charge of $5 per order*

Pop Toppings:

Whole or Chopped nuts (pecans, peanuts or almonds)

Toasted coconut

Chocolate covered espresso bean

Chocolate drizzle (any color of your choice)

Sprinkles (color of your choice)

 Carrot design

Oreo crumbs

Crushed Cany Bar (snickers, andes mint candy, you name it!)

Candied lemon zest


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